About Airlie Funds Management

Airlie is a specialist Australian equities fund manager which brings together some of Australia’s most experienced industry participants.

Airlie has an active investment style that aims to deliver attractive long-term capital growth and regular income to its investors. Founded in 2012 by industry veteran John Sevior and headquartered in Sydney, Airlie manages Australian equities for institutional and retail clients. Magellan Asset Management ('Magellan') purchased Airlie in early 2018, providing retail investors exclusive access to Airlie's investment expertise through the Airlie Australian Share Fund (ASX: AASF) and more recently in March 2023, Airlie launched the Airlie Small Companies Fund.

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Our Funds

Airlie provides an opportunity to access an experienced investment team with a proven track record of prudent, common sense investing. Airlie undertakes research in conjunction with applying their long-term knowledge and relationships with Australian companies to identify attractive investment opportunities. Airlie’s funds are actively managed, concentrated funds that seeks to invests in quality Australian listed companies.

Airlie Australian Share Fund

The Airlie Australian Share Fund is a concentrated portfolio of Airlie’s best ideas, typically 15-35 Australian companies. Seeks to invest in well-run, quality businesses with strong financial positions, where current valuations do not fully capture this quality.
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Airlie Small Companies Fund

The Airlie Small Companies Fund ('Fund') provides an opportunity to access a highly experienced investment team with a proven track record of prudent, common sense investing. The Fund will generally hold a  portfolio of between 20-40 quality Australian listed small companies which when first acquired do not rank in the S&P/ASX 100.
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Ask a portfolio manager

Got an investment-related question on Aussie equities?  Ask one of the Airlie portfolio managers, Matt Williams, Emma Fisher or Will Granger.  

Investment Insights

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Bull and bear case for Australian shares in the New Financial Year

Ignore ‘market noise’ and focus on investing in quality companies. 

Video Insights

Airlie Australian Share Fund Update

Emma Fisher provides insights into key takeaways from reporting season as well as market sentiment. Emma also discusses new opportunities in the portfolio and touches on the healthcare sector and how she assesses it. (Viewing time: 14 mins)

Video Insights

Airlie Small Companies Quarterly Update

The Airlie Small Companies fund has reached its one-year anniversary, Portfolio Manager Will Granger talks us through what has contributed to the Fund’s success so far, what has been driving the market over the last 12 months and where he is seeing current opportunities.  (Viewing time: 8 mins)